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Best Home Diffusers

Best Home Diffusers

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Quality Travel Diffusers

Quality Travel Diffusers

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Best Essential Oil Mixes

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What is an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser?

The essential oil diffuser is a device that produces a cool vapor from a mixture of water and essential oils.  Different essential oils can be used to achieve a variety of purposes.

The  technology of the ultrasonic diffusers vibrates the water at a frequency that produces the vapor.  As this technology does not rely on the production of heat to create the vapor, it therefore preserves the integrity and benefits of the essential oils being used.

Most ultrasonic diffusers require power however there are new small diffusers now available that battery powered.  There are also passive diffusers such as volcanic lava rock and car vent diffusers with felt pad inserts.

What are the benefits of using Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural products that can be used for a variety reasons.

They can be used to assist to lift moods and relieve stress.  As well as:

  • * Help to soothe sore muscles.
  • * Relieve headaches.
  • * Boost mental focus.
  • * Good for the skin.
  • * Disinfecting your house during flu season.
  • * Relaxation and sleep.
  • * Assist the immune system.
  • * Insect repellant.


Important Features to Consider

Before purchasing a diffuser there a number of areas to consider that will be specific for your requirement.  Some of these may be:

What is your budget?

Units range from $20.00 to $150.00

The size of the room your diffuser will reside in?

Most high quality units will provide details of its maximum coverage area.

How long do you want the diffuser to operate for?

Units have a range in water capacity and therefore have different maximum operating times. Generally they will use slightly less than 2oz (60ml) of water per hour.

What are the diffusers made of?

For longevity of high quality diffusers, typically polypropylene and strengthened polymer are used.