About Us


Hi my name is Julie and I have enjoyed a holistic and homeopathic approach to life for almost 30 years. My journey started due to health issues and I research for alternatives to compliment treatments I was prescribed.

Over this time one of my key discoveries was the use of essential oils and the many methods of applications.  Essential Oils have been used for centuries in India and Ancient Egypt and over the years the great benefits of the oils has gradually made its way into our time.

Initially I was introduced to aromatherapy and was amazed at the many benefits I found through this method including relaxation or stress relief and general well being.

Cooking with essential oils has been wonderful however I use only suitable brand oils that are recommended for cooking uses.

I love the aroma essential oils and there are many different ways we use them in our house.  We diffuse oils in ultrasonic diffusers and   They have also been used as a cleaning product in the household.

One of my favorite uses of the oils is topical applications for sleeping, relaxation, calming nervous emotions, stress, mindfulness, meditation, sore muscles and many, many more.  We use applicator roller bottles which has a diluted mixture of the essential oils and Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) and apply to the appropriate parts of the body.

Approximately 20 years ago I started using oils with vaporizers as this could provide comfort for anyone in the room who may have been suffering from colds, flus etc.

Today things are different, we now use ultrasonic diffusers throughout the house for different purposes.
• In the office I love using peppermint oil for alertness and focus.
• In the bedroom lavender oil for relaxation and a peaceful sleep.
• For a room deodorizer we use lemon, wild orange and bergamot oils.
• We are diligent in using specific mixtures in our diffuser for colds, flus and general well being as this provides relief for anyone in the room. One particular mixture I love to use is lemon, cinnamon, clove, rosemary and eucalyptus oils. Sometimes we may also add frankincense oil.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope it assists you in your journey in researching diffusers and essential oils.